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Innovative telecommunications service provider.

Manages Network Facilities Provider and Network Service Provider companies that built and leased more than 300 telecommunication towers and countless of network connectivity projects nationwide.


Information Technology

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Security, IT & IoT

Security, surveillance, smart-city and IT solution provider with latest in-house R&D IOT products.


Renewable Energy

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Advancing Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Registered Solar PV Investor (RPVI) and Service Provider (RPVSP) with multiple solar sites under NEM scheme, mostly Solar Gomen and Solar Masjid. PPA holder for 10MW MiniHydro PowerPlant

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Mineral Mining

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Shaping the Future of Resource Extraction

Concessionaires to sustainably operate and extract multiple mineral sites in Perak; ballclay, kaolin, sand, tin and timber.

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Agriculture Solutions Leads Green Revolution

Operates self-sustainable, smart high-tech farm at Sungai Merab, Selangor, producing community veges and aquaculture products.

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What is Sustainability Tech ?


Sustainability tech advances environmental, social, and economic sustainability through innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy practices, and smart infrastructure.

Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

yayasan wiba prima

The Yayasan WIBA PRIMA stands for the Yayasan Warisan Ibrahim Bin Abdullah (WIBA) Pembangunan Remaja Islam Malaysia (PRIMA). The Yayasan WIBA PRIMA (YWP) is a foundation that was established under the Trustee (Incorporation) Act 1952 with registration number PPAB 06/2004 on 21 December 2004.

The Yayasan WIBA PRIMA was established by its founder, the late Dato' Ibrahim Bin Abdullah and his wife , the late Datin Fatimah Binti Abu Bakar (Please see the book 'Bapaku Ibrahim Abdullah' for the founder's background).​​

Today, the efforts of the Yayasan WIBA PRIMA continue with the chairmanship of his daughter, Datuk Dr Kamilia Ibrahim.


Founded in 2012, Modkha Marine Sdn Bhd, formerly Trong Clay / Lumut Ball Clay (Malaysia), has over 5 years of experience as a global supplier of high-quality ball clay / plastic clay, serving the ceramic, tiles, porcelain, paint, and cosmetic industries worldwide, particularly in the Middle East and Asian regions, offering cost-effective material sourcing directly from Malaysia.


Todak is not just a brand nor just an idea, but a lifestyle. We pick and choose what’s best and make them better, the Todak way. Fall in love with our complete ecosystem of clothing, gaming peripherals, education, sports, and even motorsports. Some say once you use Todak, you won’t remember the rest. Get strapped, get wrapped, and get ready with Todak, available nationwide.

Established in 1984, KICO, led by principal partner Datuk Kamilia Dato’ Ibrahim, a former law lecturer at the Property Management Faculty of University Technology of Malaysia, boasts over 27 years of experience and a solid reputation for high-quality work, a positive outlook, and the highest standards of service and ethics.