About Us

XPERTS Sdn. Bhd. is an evolution initiative to mastermind and coordinate all the commercial businesses activities and socio-economy efforts ventured since 2010.

Our deep experience is concentrated in smart-technology infrastructure, telecommunication, renewable-energy, health-biotech, natural resources management, and agronomics (plantations).

We aspired to be a private investment-fronting vehicle of an international family office setting, which aims to provide the best possible support system for the organization to compete, lead, and groom future leaders with Global mindset + Local flavour (Glocal).

Led by young professional leaders, XPERTS is the core powerhouse entity behind the humble business labels of #WeAreTheXperts and few others at


The Objectives

To ensure all organization members to believe, adhere and implement company's vision and mission statements

To mastermind in the corporate planning and overall business strategies for the organization

To be agile and have 'cool wow' factors in handling good corporate communication and corporate governance

To maintain sustainable business growth and financial profitability of the organization

To contribute significantly in healthy and ethical values of economic growth, mainly focusing on engineering infrastructure, concessionaires, technology advancement

To become a reputable organization in providing benefits; mainly to its people, communities and stakeholders

To remain steadfast, sustainable and as independent as possible from any externalities; changes in economic, political, technological, cultural, seasonal, natural environment

To upgrade community and stakeholders’ socio-economic standard of living by cultivating positive mentality in aharmonious multicultural and diversified environment

To uplift the organization image at both levels; every business entity and #WeAreTheXperts organization


To be a self-sustainable organization to perpetually provide the best of infrastructure and wellbeing for the benefit of its people, community, and stakeholders.

To strive and invest for the excellence of hereafter.


To formulate and empower organization synergies under #WeAreTheXperts, so to coordinate more impactful actions and strategies in providing the best business or services to its stakeholders, with the Glocal attitude and hereafter mindset.

XpertsCo functions as a strategic Corporate Office that will steer, guide and evaluate the corporate direction and performance of each company under #WeAreTheXperts portfolio.

FNXperts, on the other hand, provide corporate administrative support and services to every company of #WeAreTheXperts; literally serving as a resource pool. On top of that, FNXperts manages companies with inadequate or immature resources; a.k.a those in incubation. As an incubator, FNXperts will facilitate the growing process, and will let it stand independent under XpertsCo’s supervision upon its maturity